McClure's Pickles Trio Pack

McClure's Pickles Trio Pack
Product Code: McClure's Pickles Trio Pack
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Love McClures Pickles try our trio tack containing one each of the following.

McClure's Sweet & Spicy Pickles

My favourite the  Sweet & Spicy pickles -  the sweet smelling brine is alluring enough to convince even the lamest pickle sceptics to try one, who will then be rewarded with a mouth full of HOT HABANERO FIRE! I challenge you to eat only one slice!!

McClure's Garlic Dill Pickles

Closest in resemblance to your grandmother’s dill pickles, we bring you our great-grandmothers.McClures garlic dills have a strong sour taste complimented by notes of garlic and dill. During the summer months you will notice flowering dill in our jars, which, due to the pollen on the flowers, adds fennel-like subtleties

McClure's Pickles Spicy

Intermingled with cayenne and habanero peppers, these pickles have a kick. Layered, bold flavors and incredible crunch make for a unique pickle unlike others. Use the leftover spicy brine to make our bloody mary mix or as a marinade for cooking.