The Sweet Boutique

The Chef and founder of The Sweet Boutique Nougat Nougat Hayley Crompton spent five years working in the Lebanese capital Beirut as a private chef. During a visit to , one of the world's oldest markets al-Hamidiyeh in neighbouring Syria, the huge array of Middle Eastern confectionary - especially the hand made nougat - sparked her interest in making the confectionery, but with a contemporary twist. Hayley created her own original flavours using the finest ingredients - couverture chocolate, Victorian dried fruits and nuts, and free range eggs. Iranian sour berries and

French rose petals add an international touch. The Sweet Boutique offers a delightful range of visually appealing and mouth-watering nougats including persimmon, pistachio and rosewater, strawberry, vanilla bean and hazelnut and nectarine, vanilla bean and almond.

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