Truffle Paste - The Secret Ingredient in Many Dishes

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The Truffle Store has a large range of truffles and truffle flavoured products, as well as hampers and vouchers suitable for gift giving. They are bringing the flavour of truffles within reach of internet users and their website is the place to go to buy these unique products.

The cost of truffles keeps them out of the price range of many Australian gourmets. However, there are other ways to experience the intoxicating taste and aroma if fresh truffles are off the menu because of budgetary constraints. There is a wide range of products made from truffles that allow fans to get a taste of truffle heaven for a fraction of the price.

One of those products is truffle paste. This is prepared by combining pureed truffles with oil to create a strongly flavoured product that is used to introduce that wonderful truffle tang to any suitable dish.

Less is More with Truffle Paste

With a good quality truffle paste, it is not necessary to use a lot to create the best result. If your speciality is creating unique sauces to your own or a secret family recipe, try adding a small amount of truffle paste to the next batch. The sauce will be subtly infused with the earthy, garlicky taste that truffles are known for and it can be the secret ingredient that keeps your friends guessing.

The humble mashed potato will be lifted to new and dizzy heights when you mix in a dab of truffle paste. Stir it into a risotto for a unique flavour boost that is even better when accompanied by home-made garlic bread. Even soup can be transformed into something special by this wonderful product.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

Some truffle pastes benefit from the addition of a few drops of delicious black truffle oil if a particular dish requires a more full-bodied flavour. It blends well with most pasta dishes and just like the soup previously mentioned, it is just a matter of experimentation and imagination with simple ingredients to create an original dish.

The Truffle Store is the place to go in Australia for all kinds of truffles and truffle flavoured products. Truffle anchovies, butter, caviar, condiments, olives, salt, sauces and creams are just some of the delicious offerings from this unique business. Speciality hampers are available and every product is shipped by Australia Post, carefully wrapped and packed to ensure everything is intact on delivery.

Grab a Gift Voucher for the Person who has Everything

For that special person who has everything, the Truffle Store has gift vouchers ranging in value from $75 to $300. You select the amount, enter the details of the recipient and a personalised message at the checkout, and the voucher is sent direct to them online. They choose from the products on the website and create their own gift hampers.

Everyone should taste truffles at least once in their lifetime, and products like truffle paste can make that a reality.

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