Truffle Honey: When Decadence is Necessary

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The Truffle Store has an amazing selection of truffles and truffle products available, including truffle honey. There are many uses for this; you only need to give it a try.

Truffles are a world renowned culinary delicacy as famous for their unique flavours as they are for their cost. By weight, they are one of the most expensive foods in the world but because their aroma is so pungent and earthy, it only takes a small amount to add extra flavour to any dish. This makes them much more affordable and the array of truffle products now available should make it easy for truffle lovers to get a taste of these famous tubers.

They can be used raw by slicing them thinly and placing them onto any cooked dish. Shaved, they are delicious over pasta and in scrambled eggs, risotto or many other dishes. However, as the magic ingredient in a range of sauces, they really show their versatility.

Reluctant Cooks can buy Truffle Sauces Ready Made

Most professional chefs have their own tightly guarded secret recipes for making truffle sauces. Amateur cooks wanting to try their hand at making an amazing truffle sauce can turn to the internet to find hundreds of recipes. However, for those who would rather eat and enjoy food than prepare it, there are ready made truffle sauces and creams just waiting to be bought and enjoyed.

The Truffle Store has a delicious selection of unique truffle sauces and creams featuring the tartuflanghe truffle. For those who like pepper, the Tartuflanghe Truffle Pepper Cream Sauce will add depth to bland dishes like pasta, rice or potatoes. Cheese is the perfect ingredient to bring out the full flavour of truffles, and the creamy Tartuflanghe Cheese Fondue with Truffle is an example of how perfect both ingredients are when combined.

Some Flavours Perfect as Simmer Sauces

The store owners have tried to supply a range of different flavours to illustrate the multiple ways these truffles can be enjoyed. They have a Tartuflanghe Porcini Mushroom and Truffle Cream in both a 30g bottle and a 380g can. This cream is heavenly when used as a ready-made sauce for pasta or as a simmer sauce for pan-fried veal or beef.

Another cheese-based sauce is the Tartuflanghe Parmigiano Reggiano with Truffle. The full flavour of the parmesan cheese coupled with truffles is irresistible on any favourite Italian dish. Black truffle fanciers are not forgotten with a Savini Tartufi Black Truffle Gatherer sauce well-known to lovers of this famous brand; and who could resist a Tartuflanghe Salmon Truffle cream sauce?

These products are available from The Truffle Store here in Australia, and can be purchased online and delivered direct, carefully packaged to prevent breakage. If you are new to the taste of truffles, try the sauces and you may just be hooked for life.

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