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If you’re looking for great taste and good health, visit The Truffle Store. Not only are truffles an amazing addition to dishes, they have many health benefits too.

We know truffles add an amazing flavour and smell to our dishes. We know they are an exquisite delicacy dug from underground and they vary in size, pungency and flavour, depending on where they have grown.

However, did you know that truffles not only offer a delight for the taste buds, but that they also deliver benefits to your health too? Up until recently, they only served as an addition to dishes for flavour and garnishes but studies have found there is more to truffles than meets the taste buds.


Part of the mushroom family, you are probably not surprised to hear truffles are a good source of protein. Mushrooms are often considered meat for vegetarians because of their high protein content and truffles are right up there.

Approximately 20 to 30 percent protein content in each serving, truffles contain all the amino acids that are essential to the good nutrition of our bodies. In a single truffle, you will find good amounts of calcium, zinc, iron, fibre and vitamins C and B.


Many people try not to eat too many carbs such as bread and pasta but we do need to consume carbohydrates as part of a balanced diet. The solution then is to eat foods with lower carbohydrate content.

Truffles have fewer carbohydrates than other standard vegetables, which makes them perfect, especially for diabetics, due to the truffles low energy value.


We also need fat in our diets; however, we shouldn’t consume too much fat, and it needs to be good fats. With truffles, you’re in the right zone. Mostly made up of sterols, fatty acids, linoleic acid, glycerides and phospholipids, truffles are not only a good fat, they are low fat.


Truffles contain absolutely no cholesterol, which is a major cause of heart conditions such as heart attacks. This means you can enjoy this amazing delicacy without concern of causing you heart problems.

So where can you get these neat little health gems? The Truffle Store has a large range of truffles and oils including delectable black truffle oil and other truffle products in stock. Starting in 2011, The Truffle Store has already built a secure reputation in providing the very best quality truffles around.

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