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The Gift Of Gourmet Hampers
Buying gifts for friends and loved ones can be a wonderful experience, if you know what to get. While clothing and gift vouchers can be useful, they tend to miss that special touch. If you can choose something a little out of the ordinary, something a little decadent then your gift is guaranteed to be a very welcome one. Whoever you are buying for, the secret to great gift buying is all about knowing what gifts are available. A major bonus with shopping today is many gifts can be bought online, saving you time while you select the perfect gift.
A food lovers delight.
Persian fairy floss, deluxe...

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Everyone has a least one special person in their life who deserves the best of gifts, but is also incredibly hard to buy for. Birthdays and Christmases come and go and every occasion is a stress-filled hunt through shops and online stores for that one gift that will reward the giver with cries of delight and surprise. Flowers, toiletries, books, DVDs and jewellery have all been tried and now the gift giver is bereft of new ideas.

Truffle Gift Hamper Trumps Them All

If this sounds like you, read on because you may have just found the very thing that will catapult you to the top of the “favourite gift-giver” list. That very thing is a...

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The Truffle Store has a large range of truffles and truffle flavoured products, as well as hampers and vouchers suitable for gift giving. They are bringing the flavour of truffles within reach of internet users and their website is the place to go to buy these unique products.

The cost of truffles keeps them out of the price range of many Australian gourmets. However, there are other ways to experience the intoxicating taste and aroma if fresh truffles are off the menu because of budgetary constraints. There is a wide range of products made from truffles that allow fans to get a taste of truffle heaven for a fraction of the...

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The Truffle Store has a unique selection of ready-made truffle creams and sauces perfect for cooking. They will add that earthy flavour that has made truffles world famous and highly sought after, for a fraction of the cost of the fresh varieties.

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The Truffle Store has an amazing selection of truffles and truffle products available, including truffle honey. There are many uses for this; you only need to give it a try.

Truffles are a world renowned culinary delicacy as famous for their unique flavours as they are for their cost. By weight, they are one of the most expensive foods in the world but because their aroma is so pungent and earthy, it only takes a small amount to add extra flavour to any dish. This makes them much more affordable and the array of truffle products now available should make it easy for truffle lovers to get a taste of these famous tubers.

They can be...

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If you’re looking for great taste and good health, visit The Truffle Store. Not only are truffles an amazing addition to dishes, they have many health benefits too.

We know truffles add an amazing flavour and smell to our dishes. We know they are an exquisite delicacy dug from underground and they vary in size, pungency and flavour, depending on where they have grown.

However, did you know that truffles not only offer a delight for the taste buds, but that they also deliver benefits to your health too? Up until recently, they only served as an addition to dishes for flavour and garnishes but studies have found there is more to...

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Truffles are a group of valuable and highly sought-after edible species of underground ascomycetes, or fungus, belonging to the funal genus Tuber.

The French black truffle is the fruiting body of the fungus Tuber melanosporum. This fungus forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of oak and hazel trees. The edible portion, or truffle, is harvested in winter after it has matured.

The French black truffle is used as a flavouring (similar to a herb) in a multitude of dishes with foods such as veal, soup, fish, shellfish, eggs game, rice, sauces, salads and much more.

The ascoma, or fruiting body of truffles, is highly...