Charmaine Solomon

Charmaine Solomon invites you to enjoy her range of authentic curries, laksa paste and asian accompaniments. Known and loved throughout Australia for her magazine and newspaper columns, her TV appearances and cookery demonstrations and classes over the decades, the rest of the world is getting to know and love Charmaine Solomon for her cookery books … and now, her exceptional spice blends and curry pastes.

Charmaine Solomon and Reuben Solomon’s Curry pastes, Soup bases and accompaniment are a veritable culinary journey around the world of Asia and North Africa. From Indian cuisine we have Charmaine Solomon’s Butter Chicken Marinade a medium hot spicy marinade that will allow you to put a meal on a plate in 1 ½ hours.

Charmaine Solomon’s Korma Curry Paste is a mild curry based on the recipes of India and Pakistan and is a firm favourite with children becoming accustomed to spiced curries. From Thailand's gorgeous spicy cuisine we have Charmaine Solomon’s Red, Green and Masaman Curry Pastes, all of which are rated medium hot.

Almost everyone loves a Tandoori and you can capture the traditional flavours of Pakistan with Charmaine Solomon’s Tandoori Tikka Marinade. The rest of the Charmaine Solomon range takes you to Morocco, Malaya, Indonesia and North Africa. Enjoy a culinary trip around the world with Charmaine Solomon.

All Charmaine and Reuben Solomon's products are MSG, Gluten, Transfat, Artificial Colour and Artificial Flavour Free.