Truffle Products

The Fresh Australian Truffle Season Has Ended.

When there’s a hint of winter in the air the thoughts of chefs and cooks turn to the magic of the truffle season. Truffles are harvested in winter, once they have matured and are emitting the sweet perfume they are known and loved for.  In Australia the truffles are found from just below the soil surface to a depth of 20 cm by specially trained dogs that use their sensitive noses to search for the truffles.

Varying in size, from just two centimetres in diameter to as large as a grapefruit, the truffles outward appearance belies its sensual appeal and extraordinary culinary value. The Black Truffle has a shelf life of approximately three weeks after harvesting whilst it still retains its distinctive taste and aroma.

To be one of the first to enjoy the sheer delight of a fresh truffle, you can order your truffle TODAY, your truffle will then be shipped to you immediately it comes out of the ground.

If you love truffles then look no further, we are also pleased to bring you a range of truffle products from Europe and Australia.

In Australia, we cultivate the world-renowned Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) in southern hemisphere conditions. Australian Fresh Truffles are available each year for a short season of approximately 8-10 weeks from around about the middle of June, however, because the season is short and truffles are naturally occurring the season can move back or forward depending on the prevailing weather conditions.